Alissa S. (post for Monday 2/17)



The first sentence implies that grandpa is the one going to be eaten.  In the second sentence, they are addressing grandpa and saying that they want to eat.  Clearly, the comma has a major impact on the meaning of the sentence.


Favorite Author:

Growing up I always had an Ellen Hopkins book in my purse.  I would carry her books everywhere and feel empowered with their 600+ page lengths.  I would also feel a little secretive because the entire book was written in verse (leaving a lot of negative space on the pages).  To this day, I admire her ability to completely dive into the minds of those struggling.  She paints such a vivid stream of thought for her characters that even when they do something so horrible and seeming unforgivable you still root for them to get better.  Her gift is remarkable and one I have always wanted to emulate.

“God is love,” she said. “And he respects love, whether it’s between a parents, and child, a man and woman, or friends. I don’t think he cares about religion one little bit. Live your life right. Love with all your heart. Don’t hurt others, and help those in need. That is all you need to know. And don’t worry about heaven. If it exists, you’ll be welcome.”

― Ellen Hopkins, Burned

“Memory is a tenuous thing, like a rainbow’s end or a camera with a failing lens.”

― Ellen Hopkins, Impulse


Recommended website for writers:


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